The rule of thumb used by most antique dealers is that anything about 100 years or older is an antique. Items that are old, but not quite that old, are called vintage.

The terms estate, antique, and vintage jewelry usually referring to the time frame or period in which the jewelry was manufactured:
• Antique jewelry. This jewelry typically includes pieces crafted at least 100 years ago. These pieces may have been created and worn in a certain historical time period, such as Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Nouveau.
• Vintage jewelry. Vintage pieces are usually between 50 and 100 years old. Art Deco and Retro style jewelry is often considered vintage.
• Estate jewelry. This type of jewelry refers to any piece that has been previously owned, and it can be from any era. Both vintage and antique jewelry can be classified as estate jewelry.
As a professional antique buyer, we can help you identify what type of jewelry you have in your collection.

Sterling silver is a silver alloy that consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other metals – usually copper. The numbers “925” or “.925” marked on silver jewelry is an indication that the piece is made of sterling silver. Pure silver is too soft to be shaped into everyday items, so the sterling silver alloy was developed to create silver items that are able to retain their shape.

For most estates, we need a minimum of 1 day of access to the home in order to effectively sort, research, and evaluate the contents.

Yes. Bring your antiques to our Maywood store any time, and we will have a look at them – no appointment necessary but it is preferred. Our Kenilworth location is by appointment only.

Yes. A fair market value appraisal is defined as “what a willing buyer will pay a willing seller.” Fair market value appraisals are based on current and recent sales of similar items. These types of appraisals are typically done for estates and/or for people who are selling off their belongings due to downsizing or moving.

An appraisal done for insurance purposes is known as a replacement value appraisal. Values assigned to the item for replacement value are typically much higher than those in a fair market value appraisal.

Yes. We understand people like to have some idea of our potential interest and what we might pay. Often we can tell you over the phone based on a brief description.

We prefer to buy items outright.

If you are an estate trustee or helping a loved one downsize, our appraiser can come to you for a free and no pressure evaluation of your estate. Our team will treat your home with care and respect. No estate collection is too small or too large.

If a situation requires an estate/tag sale to be conducted on the premises, we will explain all the details and efforts needed to organize it.

After dealing with thousands of clients, we are aware of the situations that lead to estate sales, and we understand that parting with family heirlooms may be an emotional event. We are very attentive to each individual circumstance and our clients are always treated with honesty, integrity, and discretion.

In any estate home are articles of interest and value to collectors that are often they are overlooked. Keeping the contents of the estate as is will eliminate the possibility of discarding valuable items.

You do not need to polish anything, whether it’s silver, brass, etc. We prefer to see the items in as-found condition.

If a house or estate needs to be cleaned out and uncluttered in preparation for sale or a major renovation, we can refer you to a reliable and experienced estate clean-out service company.

We try to come immediately but if it is more convenient for you, we are always happy to schedule it for a date of your choosing.

We can pay you in cash, check or whatever option is good for you. We will provide our best assessment of your individual items or entire estate content and present you with an offer. Full payment can be issued the day our agreement is complete.

We have worked with attorneys, estate executors, and private clients to settle estates in a courteous and confidential manner.

Selling to us saves you from paying fees to sell online, collecting payments, and the hassles associated with packing and shipping antiques and collectibles.

• We provide many options to help complete the selling process as fast and efficient as possible.
• We offer free evaluations of your antiques and collectibles
• We can come to your location
• We buy single items and entire estate contents
• You can call us anytime to set an appointment