About US

Buying antiques have always been our passion and with a staff of experts,
we are knowledgeable in almost every category of antiques and collectibles.

Buying and selling antiques is in Jack Kleczkowski’s blood. His father was in the business back in their hometown of Tykocin, Poland. At age 15, Jack got his first metal detector and went “hunting” with his father, and he was hooked. “My peers went out and had fun; I went out in the field, next to an old castle or place of historical importance and hunted,” Jack recalled warmly. He grew to love the thrill of hearing a beep and digging to discover treasures like old coins.

Jack, along with his business associate, Gordon Breslow, who has also been a collector since his teens, went into business together as NJ Antique Buyers.

At NJ Antique Buyers, we use our expertise as second-generation antique buyers and years as a retailer of a wide variety of antique and vintage items from around the world to give our clients the best in service. We take pride in our record of honesty and professionalism.

We are available 7 days a week and are looking forward to serving you.